Bonjour, 2015!

2014 has been a busy year for me. Sometimes I think I was just speeding through it, and I was afraid that I might have missed "the little things that also matter." So in this post, I want to recollect and share the moments and events that made my 2014 worthwhile. With this as a year-starter post, I'll be reminded that I am blessed with all that I need to make the most out of my life; all I have to do is use them wisely to glorify God, motivate others, and then make my dreams come true. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? NA-UH!

Experienced hosting for a TV show during our Television Production course.
'Twas "Simply Macee", directed by my good friend and fellow blogger, Jimpy.
Went on an overnight trip to Bataan with my best friends. We visited Mt. Samat and I faced my acrophobia! We also visited the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.
I was part of a group who produced a short film entitled "Lente"

 I went back to Tarlac with my family after almost 10 years. Then we took our grandparents on a beach trip to La Union.... where I got stung by a mean Jellyfish.
Flew to Cagayan de Oro to attend the Le Maste Congress and compete in a national debate competition, where my team got into the semi-finals!
Worked on the first ever fashion post of the school's online publication with a fellow fashion-enthusiast.
I applied for the #DesignHerStory Conference (by Wanderrgirl.com) and I was one of the 6o lucky ladies chosen to take part in it. There, I met Candy Magazine's EIC, Ms. Marla Miniano, who inspires me big time.
I also applied for the Candy Magazine Council of Cool Batch 15, and got in! P.S. Have you seen me and the girls on Candy's December-January ish? If not, run to the nearest bookstore and grab a copy. Hihi.
 After a semester's worth of efforts, I got in the dean's list!
I am now interning for BrandSpeakAsia, a public relations company, and the experience has been meaningful so far.
And I am being given happiness, adventure, inspiration, and love by somecookie.
2014 has taught me to turn my fears into motivations. To open my heart to the countless possibilities, to adventures, and to love. And just like fireworks, let your dreams and ambitions be bold enough to light up even the darkest nights of your life. Hold on to them, and do something each day to make them come true.
I dare YOU to believe in yourself. YOU deserve all the magic, the happiness, and the good kind of madness.
xx Macee

Photos by Macee Rosimo for The Styling Doll

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