The Styling Doll turns eighteen!

My blog is finally back! I made small changes on the layout and I hope you like it so far hihi..

Soooo, I want to share with you some of my favorite photos from my debut held last August 31. 

Photos by:  M.I.B. Photography
Click on the link to their site! Contact them for special offers. I love this team :)

Here it goes!

My theme was actually inspired by one Disney Fairytale that I love so much, so I chose a really nice garden venue and Yellow and Violet for the color motif... Can you guess which is it? :)
More clues? Okaaaaaaay!
Cake and Cupcakes with personalized toppers by Kool Keyks
I promise you, they taste as good as they look. And they're perfect!

 Guessed it yet? With the Floating Lantern icons and braided golden hair? Hihi.
 My gown won't give away any clues though, it wasn't in-line with my own theme! But I chose that design because it was my "Dream Gown" :)
 And some epic legal-age faces by yours truly..
 Haha! And my family <3

Tell me about your eighteenth birthday! Or, what are you planning to do for yours? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts :-D


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