Beautiful Days

I never thought I'd enjoy being the one behind the lens! But now since I have two photography subjects in school, the opportunities to discover my inner photo-taker self are countless and yes, it's so fuuun! :)

I'm sharing with you my calendar photos for our midterm exams. We were given the following themes which basically will make up our calendar: Kiss, Bagel, Favorite Pet, Favorite Toy, Ripple, Depth of Field Shallow and Deep, Pattern, Texture, Numbers, Rule of Thirds, and Battle of Colas

My front cover: 
Credits and Special thanks to a good friend of mine, P.T. for helping me with the layout <3 

"Beaux Jour" means "Beautiful Days" :) That explains my personal theme for my 2014 calendar and my mantra for the whole year as well!
And now for my photos <3 (c) Michell Anne G. Rosimo (MACEE ROSIMO) All rights reserved. 2013

Are you a newbie photo-taker too? Tell me what you think! :)


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